Changes for the year 2017- The Year Of the Fire Rooster

Every year, negative earth energies are considered by the Chinese.

Every year, negative earth energies are considered, by the Chinese, to come from one of the 8 compass sectors. Last year, it was the North East.

After 28th January 2017, it will be the South. This is important to know as the cures that relate to timing make all the difference when it comes to getting results in your life.
For this one year, ignore the advice to put red in the South. This is the one year out of every 9 when you remove fire or red coloured objects, candles, mirrors, round glass faceted crystal balls, cut glass crystal and clear quartz and other energy enhancers from the South.
Instead, have green plants, round metallic objects and white, gold, silver or green objects in the South to drain the negative energy. You can use a 6 hollow-tubed metal wind chime in the South, provided there are no mirrors in the room where it is hung.
Moving home or office
If at all possible, avoid moving home or office North, South and West.
(30° pie shaped sectors)
Avoid facing and/or sleeping with your head pointing West, even if it is usually
one of your good directions.
Avoid doing construction work in the West and in the East just for this year.
This does not apply to a complete house renovation.

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