• Stabilize your finances and cash flow
  • Attract a partner or improve your relationship
  • Further your career 
  • Increase your creativity and improve your fertility
  • Identify areas of geopathic stress to stay healthy
  • Schedule your building work to minimise problems

The residential consultation includes:

  • Dowsing for geopathic stress and vortices so that you and your family can avoid sitting or sleeping in areas that predispose you to ill health. 
  • Earth acupuncture if you have a garden.  This is useful where a family member suffers from chronic ill health, where there are ghosts, and where there has been recent building or roadworks that has affected the local earth energies.
  • Relevant Feng Shui advice based on what is important for you and your family over the next year. 
  • Advice on good directions for travel and house moves
  • Telephone follow-up for 1 year.

It is useful, though not essential, if you have information about the previous occupants.

The birthdates of everyone who lives in your home are useful.
Please mention any building work you are thinking of undertaking.


from floor plans, photos and accurate compass readings – £250


at The Summit, 40 Highgate West Hill, London N6 6LS – £150
Bring your floor plan, compass reading and time of birth

Please contact me for more details.


“Suzanne Harper’s Feng Shui advice has been extremley helpful. her knowledge of Feng Shui is intricate and the ongoing support she provides is excellent. I am particularly impressed with how the cures Suzanne recommended have helped me to make progress in my career and to fulfil my dreams of a happy marriage! Everyone who visits my home comments on the harmonious energy and it’s all down to Suzanne’s expertise!”
E.L. Howe

“Over 18 months ago, I consulted Suzanne with the aim of finding a new direction in my work environment, having been previously a senior academic and a self employed businessman….. Within 48 hours of taking her advice and relocating objects, my wife who was also looking for a new direction in her work, received 4 offers of work. That same week I saw a job advertisement advertising my ‘ideal’ post, I applied and am now celebrating my first year in my ‘dream’ job.”
Brian Hipkin M.Sc. CAAW.

“You may like to know that just after a month had passed, because the move was primarily to enable my wife to look for a higher paid job, when she came to hand her notice to her existing employer, her salary was immediately DOUBLED in order to persuade her to stay.”
Jeremy Fraser

“After 9 years of the disappointment of childlessness, I tried re-arranging my home along Feng Shui lines. I now have a wonderful child. Did Feng Shui help? How? Co-incidence? I don’t know. Psychological? Maybe. But it was fun and I like the new arrangements. And Feng Shui can’t hurt. It’s an interesting way of looking at things.”
C. Jones

“Although I have known Suzanne for several years and know that she is an extremely talented Feng Shui Master, it was not until an event that happened to me last year that I really found her services truly exceptional. I was having a legal challenge as a result of a former partner sending in malicious lies about me to a governement office and causing me a great deal of pain and anguish, not to mention expense. Suzanne came to my home and discussed the situation with me. She immediately suggested a few practical cures, and I followed her advice and suggestions religiously. About 6-8 weeks later, not only was my name cleared with the office, but I had no more legal hassles and no more related expense – it was if a very dark cloud had lifted. For this, I am truly grateful. ‘If you want to also say that I am impressed by how practical your suggestions are and how you work a great deal with what is already in the space.”
Grace Sood

“Suzanne’s insight and accuracy is extraordinary. After an inspirational initial consultation in 1997, we then spoke to her two years later regarding plans for a major renovation to our kitchen. She advised us that it would be fraught with problems, but if we were determined to proceed, she explained how we could minimize the negative effects. We did go ahead and it was indeed difficult, as Suzanne had predicted, but by taking her recommended measures, we ensured that it never became the nightmare it could have been. What was most impressive was the fact that this follow-up advice came in the form of a telephone conversation, and Suzanne’s memory of the the layout of our home was absolutely amazing. We have no hesitation in recommending the service she provides.”
Julie and Patrick

“Thank you for the wonderful work you did at my cottage. Within that 24 hours I landed the biggest business opportunity of my life! It felt like it was just sitting there waiting for me as everything went so smoothly, and still is. In addition to that, I had a call from a Holiday Homes company, within the same week, to say that they have rented out my cottage for two weeks at Christmas, so that pays my mortgage for December! Thank you once again!”
Telea Juna