Feng Shui for Health Issues and Getting Pregnant

Feng Shui for Health and Getting Pregnant

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From a feng shui perspective, the most important thing, by far, you can do to improve your health is to

check your bed

especially if you re experiencing any kind of sleep disturbance, and/or your cat likes sleeping on your bed!

You need to be sleeping over neutral earth energies. If you are over vortex energy or geopathic stress, your body cannot adequately recharge your electro-magnetic field whilst you sleep.

If you dowse, you can check this yourself, and if not, any good dowser can help you with this.

There are several solutions to this – detailed in Chapter 5 of “Feng Shui for You”. If in doubt, and you have the option, sleep in another room.

If you specifically want to increase your fertility – both your ability to conceive AND carry your baby to term – looking after your overall health is the number 1 priority.


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