Traditionally Feng Shui, in terms of health, considers four things – these are as follows:

1. Land Energies

Most important of all are the land energies over which a person sits or sleeps.There are two main types of land energy that have a direct effect on health, and we also have to consider, in the 21st Century that we live in now, electro-magnetic distortions – things like mobile phone masts, electricity sub stations and leaky microwave ovens.Geopathic stress has been linked to chronic illness and anyone attempting to recover from chronic health problems would be well advised to check that they are not sleeping or working over this type of land energy. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is beneficial for certain types of insects and definitely cats – however not for human beings!

Vortex energy is horizontally spinning energy. As our electro-magnetic fields circulate vertically, this is an uncomfortable energy to be situated in. Children placed in this type of environment are very likely to be hyper active.

2. The Centre Space

The centre space of your home. Ideally this should be clean, clear and uncluttered to allow a good circulation of energy throughout the rest of the space.It is quite common to have a light in the centre of each room. Just having this light on is considered to be a useful activation of the health area.

3. Kua Number

Depending on your year of birth, your Kua number will give you a direction that is called “Heavenly Doctor”. You can tap this good direction by sitting and facing it and/or sleeping with your head pointed in this direction.

4. Passageways

Halls and corridors throughout your living space represent circulation. If you have health problems, from a Feng Shui perspective, making sure that all the passageways, halls, corridors and staircases are uncluttered, is extremely important. In practice, I find that what is even more important than any of these traditional aspects is the land energy over which someone sits or sleeps for more than a few hours a day.


Also important for all of us in terms of health are: –

  • our daily habits
  • a positive outlook