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One of the master hypnotists and therapists of the 20th Century was Milton H. Erickson. His skilful use of language patterns to subtly influence his clients for the better is legendary.

What distinguishes this type of hypnosis is that negative language patterns are not used at all. For example, a client who wishes to give up smoking is encouraged in trance to breathe clean fresh air, rather than to stop inhaling tobacco.

This is because for anyone to mentally process anything, they have to think of it. “Remember your keys” is more effective than saying “Don’t forget your keys”.

Hypnotherapy sessions are very relaxing, and clients are usually surprised at how pleasant the trance state is. Trance is about taking control of your own unconscious mind, and is an extension of a naturally occurring state. You are aware of everything that is said.

The unconscious mind controls 90% of the body’s systems, including breathing, heart rate, circulation and blood pressure. Using trance effectively makes changing habits easy.


Initial consultation is 90 minutes
Follow up sessions last for 55 minutes