Take a look at my list of services and products below.

£15 Voucher

This includes 10 minutes’ advice regarding your home or office by telephone or Skype with an email summary. Please send your floor plan and accurate compass reading by standing at your front door and looking out.

Advice for Small Businesses: £47

Providing 30 minutes of advice over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime as well as an email summary for businesses with 3 or fewer employees, please send me your floor plan and accurate compass reading by standing at your front door and looking out.

£85 Voucher

Suitable advice about good directions for your home or office move is completed over the phone or via email. This can also be summarised in a letter or an email.

£250 Voucher

This involves a comprehensive consultation over Skype. Your friend needs to supply photos and/or a video (using the PAL system) of their home or office, along with a floor plan with compass directions that is roughly to scale. I also require the birthdays of everyone who occupies the space, as well as the approximate moving-in date and where the move was made from.

£395 Voucher

This particular voucher features a feng shui consultation for a home consisting of 3 bedrooms or less and a reception room in Bristol, Bridgwater, and the West Country. This includes dowsing for geopathic stress and vortex energies, as well as  a written report.  Additionally one year's telephone follow up is included.

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