Dr Suzanne G harper

Boost Your Well-Being with Feng Shui in Bridgwater, Somerset

 Situated in Bridgwater, Somerset, I offer consultations over Skype as well as over the phone and Facetime.

Give Your Home the Feel Good Factor and Get It To Work For You

Feng Shui
  • Stabilise Your Finances and Cash Flow
  • Attract a Partner or Improve Your Relationship
  • Further Your Career 
  • Increase Your Creativity and Improve Your Fertility
  • Identify Areas of Geopathic Stress to Stay Healthy
  • Schedule Your Building Work to Minimise Problems

Did you know there are areas of your home that relate to you specifically, your partner and your children as well as your finances and career? I will identify these during your consultation and advise on how to enhance them.

Your Consultation’

The advantages of having a consultation are that the feng shui advice is specifically tailored to creating the results in your life that are important to you now. It will give you a clear idea of what the most important adjustments are for you personally and those that can wait. This is especially helpful if you are buying and/or selling property or have just moved or are about to move.

Further Information

When you are interested in booking an appointment, it is useful, though not essential, to provide information about the previous occupants in your home or business premises. The birth dates of everyone who lives in your home are also very useful to me, as well as any thoughts on potential building work in the future. 

With floor plans, photos, and accurate compass readings for £250, you can have a consultation over Skype with a written report and 1 year's telephone follow-up.

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