2020 - Year of the Metal Rat

Essential Feng Shui Adjustments for the Year of the Metal Rat 

(even more important during the lockdown!)

1.     Remove all red objects, mirrors, round glass faceted crystal balls, clear quartz crystals and cut glass crystal from the

    EAST of your home and/or office.

2.     Hang a 6 hollow-tubed metal wind chime in the EAST of your home.  If you had a wind chime in the South West in 2019,

   remove it.

   If you have a mirror in the room where you want to put the wind chime, assuming it is in another compass sector,

   CHOOSE either mirror or wind chime.  If you decide to do without the wind chime, use a large green plant with soft leaves.

3.     Avoid facing North, even if it is one of your good directions.  Changes for The Year take precedence over every other feng shui cure.

4.     Avoid renovations in the North and South sectors of your home/office.  If you must do them, and you know the year of 

   completion of the building of your home or office, I can calculate 2 periods in the year when there are mitigating influences

   for these works.  Please contact me for more information.

5.     Avoid home and office moves 30˚ West,  30˚ East and 60˚ South East.  Please see my book "Moving The Feng Shui Way".

6.     If you are activating Peach Blossom Luck for romance, move your second Peach Blossom animal from the North where it was

        in 2019 to the SOUTH WEST for 2020.

Health, Wealth and Happiness to Everyone in 2020

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