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Feng Shui for Moving Home or Moving Office

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Changes for the Year 2017 – The Year of the Fire Rooster

Changes for the Year 2017 – The Year of the Fire Rooster Every year, negative earth energies are considered, by the Chinese, to come from one of the 8 compass sectors. Last year, it was the North East. After 28th January 2017, it will be the South. This is important to know as the cures that relate to timing make all the difference when it comes to getting results in your life. For this one year, ignore the advice to […]

Feng Shui for 2016 Fire Monkey Year

Feng Shui for 2016 Fire Monkey Year - Dr Suzanne G Harper offers relevant Feng Shui advice up to 3rd February 2017

In this video, Dr Suzanne G Harper offers relevant Feng Shui advice up to 3rd February 2017.

Feng Shui Changes for the Year 2016 – the Year of the Red Fire Monkey

The Year of the Red Fire Monkey starts on the 8th February 2016. This year, the Shar Chi area falls in the North East of your home/office. Remember, you do “Changes for the Year” to stop outside influences in your plans. If you are involved in any kind of legal issue, especially a divorce, these changes are crucial! 1) Remove the wind chime that you may have had up in the West in 2016. Ideally bury it or give it […]

The Light Cycle Treatment For Regular Periods

A regular menstrual cycle makes it easier for any woman to track her fertility. This is a simple technique that works by mimicking the action of the full moon to stimulate ovulation, thereby triggering a period on Day 29 of the artificially created cycle. First Step: Sleep in TOTAL darkness. This means blackout conditions, i.e. no light coming into your bedroom above or at the sides of the curtain rail. This starts the count at Night 1. Use a red […]

3 Things you must do from a Feng Shui Perspective before you Move Home

Having recently moved house myself, it is absolutely clear to me that there are 3 important Feng Shui actions that you need to take care of BEFORE you make those crucial decisions of when and where you move. #1 The very first is to do the Feng Shui Changes for the Year if you haven’t already done so. This stops too much outside interference in what you are doing at this critical time. This involves removing red objects, mirrors and […]

Using Artwork in Feng Shui

This is a fabulous example of distant view artwork on the back of a loo door in Eastbourne which not only opens up the space – it also adds a lot of green and makes a great bathroom correction at the same time.

Feng Shui for Honouring Our Ancestors

What a lovely way to honour your ancestors – Western style!

Feng Shui for Health Issues and Getting Pregnant

From a feng shui perspective, the most important thing, by far, you can do to improve your health is to check your bed especially if you re experiencing any kind of sleep disturbance, and/or your cat likes sleeping on your bed! You need to be sleeping over neutral earth energies. If you are over vortex energy or geopathic stress, your body cannot adequately recharge your electro-magnetic field whilst you sleep. If you dowse, you can check this yourself, and if […]

Feng Shui Preparations for Valentine’s Day

If you are going to a singles event and hoping to meet a new partner this Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider a feng shui cure called “peach blossom luck” to ensure that the person you attract is a good mate and likely to make you happy in the long run. How do you do this? Easily, once you know your Chinese animal sign, because from this you can identify your peach blossom animal.     There are 4: […]