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3 Things you must do from a Feng Shui Perspective before you Move Home

3 important Feng Shui actions that you need to take care of BEFORE you make those crucial decisions of when and where you move.


The very first is to do the Feng Shui Changes for the Year if you haven’t already done so.

This stops too much outside interference in what you are doing at this critical time. This involves removing red objects, mirrors and cut glass and clear crystals from the “Shar Chi” (negative energy) area for the year.

All these items are energy enhancers, which is why the advice is to remove them. No point in boosting negative energy!

Then you add either a 6 hollow-tubed metal wind chime, assuming that there are no mirrors in the same room in another compass sector OR a large green plant with rounded or oval leaves. Rubber plants and money plants work well.

N.B. If you hang a wind chime in any area, there should NOT be a mirror there as the 2 “cures” cancel each other out and you both attract and repel at the same time.

If you don’t like wind chimes, round metallic objects are a good substitute.

This year, 2015, the “Shar Chi” area for the year is conveniently situated in the North West.

I say “conveniently” because the North West is the key compass area for attracting helpful people – ie the right trades people as well as for travel and flow of all descriptions – including cash flow.

Very important, considering the extra demands on your budget.

This makes it the 2nd most important feng shui area to consider, whatever the year, along with:

the back right hand corner of your home measured standing at your front door and looking into your home.

The “cure” is the same, round metallic spheres and round metallic objects. If you already have one wind chime in the North West, please do NOT put another one in this area.

If the reason for your move is that you are going through a divorce, it becomes doubly important to do this first feng shui “cure”.


Find out whether your move will be “with” the energy of the year or “against” it, using 9 Star Ki astrology.

Why would you want to do this? It enables you to know whether the move and your subsequent experiences for the next year will be relatively easy or challenging.

This is especially useful when you are moving in with a new lover, or your new lover is moving in with you. If the move is “with” the energy, things are likely to progress smoothly.

If the move is “against” the energy, whoever has moved is likely to blame their partner for the difficulties when in reality, the move would have been awkward anyway.

If you know about this in advance, you can make allowances and do the counter-balances.

This year, up until 3rd February 2016, moves in the following directions are “against” the energy for everyone:

60˚North West
15˚North North East

These directions are always measured from where you live right now.

Whether the other directions are “with” the energy for you
and/or your partner depends on your individual 9 Star Ki numbers.

If only one of you will be moving “with” the energy, then
he/she organizes the move, i.e. makes all the major decisions about it, and the other one just agrees and then travels in the positive wake of their partner.

If your move is less than a mile as the crow flies, the numbers do not apply and there is no major influence from the direction of your move.

I am shortly publishing a guide “Feng Shui Guide to Moving” which tells you how to calculate your 9 Star Ki numbers and which directions are positive and negative for the next 3 years.


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