Feng shui is considered to improve luck - it does not alter destiny. Although there are no guarantees, the large majority of clients find that it improves their lives significantly.



We recently worked with Suzanne on our home

I know things didn’t feel quite right but had no idea what would come up! Suzanne cleared so many energies, the impact has been significant, it’s completely changed the way we feel about our home and the atmosphere change is simply incredible. Suzanne also gave us lots of advice about where we can make improvements to the overall Feng Shui in our home and again, this have been hugely impactful. I can’t recommend this highly enough!

K. Goodbrand

Feng Shui is not about decor and furnishings.

Suzanne’s advice is strategic and practical and directly linked to personal and business/career goals. Within week of her visit, and us implementing the corrections she advised we prioritised, a lump sum we had discussed with her showed up completely out of the blue. The investment we made with Suzanne in effect paid us back ten fold. If you want to maximise happiness, health and/or wealth, I’d recommend having Suzanne visit your living and working space.

T. Garrie, Director of Culture and Associates - Mental Health In The Work Place - 19/07/2022

I have been amazed at the difference the feng shui makes.

"I have really enjoyed having Suzanne come to my house and through WhatsApp when I have been abroad, consulting on the many elements of feng shui for my homes and business over the last 23 years. I have achieved a lot of good business and, as everyone says, when they come to our house, it feels so good and relaxing. I write a list of what I would like to achieve re relationships and business. We then, Suzanne and I, work together and set things in the right areas so that the energy flows the correct way to help achieve my goals and wants in life. I have been amazed at the difference the feng shui makes."

T.Day - 31/05/2021

So Much More Than Feng Shui

"Thank you for all the support you’ve given us over the past few years. Your sessions are so much more than feng shui and we’re so grateful having you in our lives."

The Coleman’s - 16/10/2020

"Within 3 Months We Where engaged"

"I Look Back on the Feng Shui Consultation as a Pivotal Moment in My Life" I contacted Suzanne on a recommendation from one of my patients. I'd told a story of my total inability to attract a good relationship in my life, and she commented 'perhaps your feng shui is all wrong'. Put it this way, I did/t even know hat feng shui was. In my limited understanding, and not quite knowing how moving around my furniture would attract me the man of my dreams (!) I contacted Suzanne, and just went ahead with a consultation. I told Suzanne that I wanted to find the man of my dreams, someone settled, with a good family, good morals, with no children, who wants to get married and have children. Suzanne was sure she could help me, and I, therefore, went ahead with all of the recommendations given to me in the session. I can't say I particularly understood it, but 3 weeks later, I went on a date with a man who had all of the above qualities, and who was keen to see me again. I moved in within 8 weeks (Suzanne came to the new house to do another consultation as soon as i moved in!) and within 3 months, we were engaged. We've just got married, and I have to say I look back on the Feng Shui consultation as a pivotal moment in my life. I would not have been able to do what Suzanne did from books or the internet, the one to one bespoke analysis of my house and the surrounding area was exactly what I needed. In addition, I also got offered a new job, which paid better money, with better hours, and a few friends I felt I didn't need in my life seemed to drift away. I would not hesitate to recommend Suzanne to anyone who was struggling with families, relationships or health, as I believe how the energy flows in our environment is absolutely key to what is attracted in and out. Ellie Soliman, Dental Hygienist September 2019

Ellie Soliman, Dental Hygienist - 16/09/2019

Divorce Stalemate Resolved

Suzanne’s suggested remedy in my home had an immediate effect. Highly recommended. After describing the nonsensical circular challenges of my divorce Suzanne asked to check the family home. On arrival she spotted a huge mirror that was amplifying the influence of my in-laws on the already difficult process. Mirror moved, divorce stale mate resolved. Thank you Suzanne.

M.J. Taylor Bristol - 19/09/2019

“Within 24 Hours I Landed the Biggest Business Opportunity of My Life”

“Thank you for the wonderful work you did at my cottage. Within that 24 hours I landed the biggest business opportunity of my life! It felt like it was just sitting there waiting for me as everything went so smoothly, and still is. In addition to that, I had a call from a holiday homes company, within the same week, to say that they have rented out my cottage for two weeks at Christmas, so that pays my mortgage for December! Thank you once again!”

Telea J

“Have Developed Strong Friendships”

“I will be leaving the UK this Friday and I wanted to write to you about the nearly 6 months of feng shui I’ve had, which brings results. I have had wonderful changes to my life. Since the cures, I got the job in Casablanca, which is a very good job opportunity, and will allow me to have a comfortable, better life. “My social life has had an impressive boost. The past 2 to 3 months have been very intense. I have never had such a dynamic and enriched social life, never in the 6 years I have been living in the UK! It is really incredible. I was feeling very lonely before - I used to spend my weekends sleeping at home and was unable to meet people. I have had with the feng shui a wonderful boost and have developed strong friendships.”

O.M. London

“Suzanne is an Exceptional Person and the Most Talented of Practitioners”

“I have known Suzanne for over 20 years as a fellow practitioner and also as a friend. She has the highest of ethics in both her professional life and in her journey of life in a general sense. I can recommend Suzanne unconditionally in terms of her aspirations to provide the utmost benefit to all her clients, whether that be in osteopathy, feng shui, or in her specialist skill of directionology. “Over the years, Suzanne has provided advices to various of my clients, friends, and family members. These advices are, without exception, beneficial and in some instances, transformational. In my view, Suzanne is an exceptional person and the most talented of practitioners. I wish her well in the times ahead.”

Colin Henshaw Registered Osteopath

“Invaluable Guidance at a Crucial Time in My Life”

“I want to thank you for the feng shui directionology report you sent me on 7th September 2010. I have to say in retrospect how spot-on and accurate it was. In October 2010, I made the huge leap of faith to leave London after living there for some 20 years, taking my 9-month-old son with me to live in Ramsgate, Kent, never having been there before. I based that decision on several factors, not least on the above report you wrote for me. “Nearly five years later, I can confidently say that the move was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I live on a very small budget but I have never been happier or more calm and content. My now 5-year-old son is thriving and we both have immersed ourselves in the delights of living by the seaside with wonderful friends in this beautiful, vibrant, and therapeutic environment. “I cannot thank you enough, Suzanne, for your invaluable guidance at a crucial time in my life. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your considerable insights and knowledge in the fascinating field of feng shui.”

Emma B-T

“Really Helped Accelerate Our Goal of Moving Overseas”

“My husband and I wanted to move overseas to further his career, but at that time we had no visibility of where, when, or even IF it would happen. In today’s world of facts and figures, sometimes you need more, hence I consulted Dr Suzanne G Harper. At the time of the consultation, we were also considering moving to a bigger apartment. “Suzanne provided detailed insight and guidance in which direction and area to move for our new apartment that would best suit us and maximise our chances to achieve our goal. We listened to her advice and within 6 months, my husband got a promotion for an overseas position and we relocated abroad. I believe the feng shui advice we’ve received really helped accelerate us towards our goal of moving overseas.”

S. C

“Really Appreciated Suzanne’s Ongoing Support”

“Suzanne Harper’s feng shui advice is very insightful and her guidance has helped us gain success in all areas of our lives including family, health, career, and an international move. Suzanne’s knowledge, professionalism, and her detailed report is amazing! So far, we have already consulted with her twice on different matters, and her willingness to go the extra mile to achieve results was evident from the very first consultation. We also really appreciated her ongoing support and grateful that we have found her!”

D and S K

“Feeling Much Better”

“Thank you for sending me the Helios device for the line of geopathic stress that was cutting right through the bed from my chin to my hips. I’m feeling much better and I’m having really deep sleep sessions. It’s great!”


“No Hesitation in Recommending the Service”

“Suzanne’s insight and accuracy is extraordinary. After an inspirational initial consultation in 1997, we then spoke to her two years later regarding plans for a major renovation to our kitchen. She advised us that it would be fraught with problems, but if we were determined to proceed, she explained how we could minimise the negative effects. “We did go ahead and it was indeed difficult, as Suzanne had predicted, but by taking her recommended measures, we ensured that it never became the nightmare it could have been. What was most impressive was the fact that this follow-up advice came in the form of a telephone conversation, and Suzanne’s memory of the layout of our home was absolutely amazing. We have no hesitation in recommending the service she provides.”

Julie and Patrick

“Fell Pregnant with My Second Baby and Landed the Job of My Dreams”

“Since I moved to my new home, I had not been able to get pregnant, despite applying the principles of feng shui, as I had learned them. Suzanne explained to me that because my husband was sleeping on a geopathic stress line, it could be affecting his fertility, so we addressed that. We also discovered that I had misjudged the location of the centre of my home, so although I had applied good Feng Shui cures for conception luck, I had put them in the wrong place! “Suzanne advised me of some simple changes to make and within a few months I fell pregnant with my second baby and I landed the job of my dreams too! It’s going really well. Thanks, Suzanne. I will definitely be coming back for another hypno birthing session too!”

Elle-Louise H

“It’s an Interesting Way of Looking at Things”

“After 9 years of the disappointment of childlessness, I tried rearranging my home along feng shui lines. I now have a wonderful child. Did feng shui help? How? Coincidence? I don’t know. Psychological? Maybe. But it was fun and I like the new arrangements. And feng shui can’t hurt. It’s an interesting way of looking at things.”

C. J

“Our Health Improved Immediately”

“At first sceptical, my wife and I felt a distinct change almost immediately. Our health improved immediately – minor aches and pains melted away. We have Helios switched on all the time and I recommend it without reservation.”

Dr. W. B Writer

“Everyone Who Visits My Home Comments on the Harmonious Energy”

“Suzanne Harper’s feng shui advice has been extremely helpful. Her knowledge of feng shui is intricate and the ongoing support she provides is excellent. I am particularly impressed with how the cures Suzanne recommended have helped me to make progress in my career and to fulfil my dreams of a happy marriage! Everyone who visits my home comments on the harmonious energy and it’s all down to Suzanne’s expertise!”

E.L. H

“I’m Now Celebrating My First Year in My Dream Job”

“Over 18 months ago, I consulted Suzanne with the aim of finding a new direction in my work environment, having been previously a senior academic and a self-employed businessman… within 48 hours of taking her advice and relocating objects, my wife, who was also looking for a new direction in her work, received 4 offers of work. That same week I saw a job advertisement advertising my ‘ideal’ post, I applied and am now celebrating my first year in my ‘dream’ job.”

Brian Hipkin M.Sc. CAAW.

“Salary Was Immediately Doubled”

“You may like to know that just after a month had passed, because the move was primarily to enable my wife to look for a higher paid job, when she came to hand her notice to her existing employer, her salary was immediately DOUBLED in order to persuade her to stay.”

Jeremy F

“Truly Exceptional”

“Although I have known Suzanne for several years and know that she is an extremely talented feng shui master, it was not until an event that happened to me last year that I really found her services truly exceptional. “I was having a legal challenge as a result of a former partner sending in malicious lies about me to a government office and causing me a great deal of pain and anguish, not to mention expense. Suzanne came to my home and discussed the situation with me. She immediately suggested a few practical cures, and I followed her advice and suggestions religiously. “About 6-8 weeks later, not only was my name cleared with the office, but I had no more legal hassles and no more related expense – it was if a very dark cloud had lifted. For this, I am truly grateful.”

Grace S

“Business We Have Been Working on Has Come to Fruition”

“At long last, Peter, the inventor of our product, has cleared his garage. As you informed him to do, via the feng shui consultation. Since doing this, he has found very important documents that he had forgotten about, which has brought about more avenues opening within our business. The amazing thing is that everything has started to fall into place. Things that we have been waiting for a long time. Lots of business we have been working on has started to come to fruition. We cannot thank you enough.”

Terri D

“Implementing Her Advice Has Always Contributed Positively”

“Suzanne has provided me with feng shui advice over a 5-year period with regards to various projects I have been involved with. Several of these have been joint ventures in which complications have often arisen with regards to fundraising and interpersonal relationships. An on-site visit by Suzanne, in conjunction with a short consultation, usually gives her sufficient information to make practical recommendations. “Implementing her advice has always, thus far, contributed positively and often significantly in moving the project on to a more successful level. I can recommend Suzanne unreservedly and am happy to do so.”

Colin H

“Delighted with the Changes in My Room”

“I am a medical doctor working in the same building as Suzanne Harper. Some time ago, she helped me refurbish my 2 rooms in the building by producing a full feng shui report on both rooms. I incorporated all her suggestions to the letter, in both rooms. “Since the refurbishment, my patients have been delighted with the changes in my room and my associates have reported the same thing in the 2nd room, which they have very much enjoyed working in. In fact, I have had to turn down requests from other practitioners to work in association with me in my rooms! “I am very grateful to Suzanne and will certainly consult her before implementing any changes to my rooms. I would also warmly recommend her to anyone contemplating changing their environment in any way.”

Dr. Brian K MBBCh MFHom

“The Room Has a Profoundly Peaceful and Balanced Feeling”

“I want to thank you for your invaluable feng shui advice over the last 3 years. After carrying out your instructions in the first report, I immediately had sufficient associates to rent space and this has continued from the past up to the present time. I have not had to struggle to pay clinic overheads since then and people phone regularly to enquire about rooms. “Despite a large increase in rent during 2001 rent review, the clinic is more than paying its way - it’s miles ahead of the game! After following your advice in the 2nd report, the room had a profoundly peaceful and balanced feeling. Again, the results were almost miraculous! Within 2 weeks I had the most successful PR of my career and my practice is now full of patients every day of the week. I cannot thank you enough.”

Maura B

“Started Sleeping Better Immediately”

“I purchased a Helios3 when I discovered that there was a wide band of geopathic stress running across my bed. My husband and I start to sleeping better immediately. My tendency to nocturnal stomach pains, which were symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, cleared up over the next few weeks. Gynaecological problems eventually righted themselves. I have also supplied these machines to a number of my clients, all of whom have been delighted with them.”

Amanda K Feng Shui Consultant

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