Did you know that one of the most important considerations for a business moving offices is the direction in which the move is taking

place, AND that this direction has an effect on your business for up to a year after you move.  Move in a direction that is “with the energy of the year”, and things go smoothly.  Move “against the energy of the year” and things can seem to be a bit of an uphill battle, no matter what the economy generally is doing.  As a re-location specialist using feng shui, I have seen and heard about this from my clients, who are often relieved to know that there is a reason for the difficulties they have been experiencing after a move.


Your company has a date of incorporation, and the year it was incorporated determines its 9 Star Ki number. Knowing this allows you to find out which directions are positive ones for your office move, and which ones will be challenging.


Either way, you will be able to make better plans as you will have realistic expectations. If you are an employee and your new office is a work move “against the energy”’ you can build some security into your new contract of employment. Perhaps you are moving to a different part of the country or abroad for your new job. You can ask, should your employment be terminated before 6 months, that your removal expenses both to and from your new place of work and 2 months’ salary are paid.


If you are the boss, and you need to move your company “against the energy”, you can plan for extra funding to tide you over. Doing the feng shui in your new offices is also a counter-measure.  Please check out my book “Moving The Feng Shui Way” for more detailed information on this.


Other factors to take into consideration are the existing energies in your new office. In the best-case scenario, you move into new offices where the outgoing company is expanding. If you move into an office where the previous company had problems, it is important to clear the old energies out so that you start afresh in your new environment.


I include an energetic clearing in any consultation for new office space.  One of the nicest ways to start afresh is to invite your employees and clients to a moving in party - a house warming for your new office space.


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