Feng shui specially designed for businesses invites positive energy into your premises. It can enhance opportunities to boost your business’s potential and increase the chances of success.


Multiple Benefits

  • Increase Your Profits and Cash Flow
  • Promote Good Staff Relations
  • Save Serious Money by Keeping Your Staff Healthy
  • Identify Any Geopathic Stress on Your Premises

Your Consultation

  • Identification of areas of geopathic stress, vortex energies and EMFs which have health implications for you and your staff
  • Notification of the Feng Shui Changes for the Next Year
  • Advice on Good Directions for Travel and Office Move for both the current and the coming year
  • Telephone Follow-Up for a Year

Further Information

It is useful, though not essential, to have the following information for your consultation:

  • Any Information about the Previous Occupiers - Why They Moved - How Well Their Business Did in This Particular Location
  • When Any Major Building Work Was Last Completed
  • Any Building Work You Are Planning on Undertaking in the Future
  • The Dates of Birth of the Owner and Key Personnel (if They Agree)

The cost of your consultation is usually tax deductible.


Advice for Small Businesses - from £250 

Providing 30 minutes of advice over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime as well as an email summary for businesses with 3 or fewer employees, please send me your floor plan and accurate compass reading by standing at your front door and looking out.


Good Directions for Home/Office Moves £85

Advice about good directions for your home or office move is done over the phone. You receive an e-mail summary of the recommendations.

Zoom & Facetime/Skype/WhatsApp Consultation  from £500

This is a comprehensive virtual consultation, using Zoom and Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp.

You supply:

1)   a floor plan drawn roughly to scale,with your business address and  an accurate compass reading

2)   dates and places of birth of the owner and any key employees (this can be just the manager/s),

3)   the approximate moving-in date and where the move was made from.


On Site Consultation from £700 - monthly plans available

This is for an in person consultation, and can be arranged for a Saturday or other time when the premises are empty if that works best for your business. Measurement of electro-magnetic frequencies is included


All feng shui consultation include:

1)  a copy of your floor plan with compass directions and recommendations

2)  dowsing for geopathic stress and vortex energies

3)  12 months telephone follow-up

4)  good directions for a move if that is under consideration

5)   Zoom video recording summarizing the feng shui advice given

6)   energetic clearings for the premises and land and the business owner


Please Call Me on +44(0)7976 751 578 for a firm quote. 

50% deposit secures your booking.

Payment is Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card over the telephone.


“Business We Have Been Working on Has Come to Fruition”

“At long last, Peter, the inventor of our product, has cleared his garage. As you informed him to do, via the feng shui consultation. Since doing this, he has found very important documents that he had forgotten about, which has brought about more avenues opening within our business. The amazing thing is that everything has started to fall into place. Things that we have been waiting for a long time. Lots of business we have been working on has started to come to fruition. We cannot thank you enough.”

Terri D

“Implementing Her Advice Has Always Contributed Positively”

“Suzanne has provided me with feng shui advice over a 5-year period with regards to various projects I have been involved with. Several of these have been joint ventures in which complications have often arisen with regards to fundraising and interpersonal relationships. An on-site visit by Suzanne, in conjunction with a short consultation, usually gives her sufficient information to make practical recommendations. Implementing her advice has always, thus far, contributed positively and often significantly in moving the project on to a more successful level. I can recommend Suzanne unreservedly and am happy to do so.”

Colin H

“Delighted with the Changes in My Room”

“I am a medical doctor working in the same building as Suzanne Harper. Some time ago, she helped me refurbish my 2 rooms in the building by producing a full feng shui report on both rooms. I incorporated all her suggestions to the letter, in both rooms. “Since the refurbishment, my patients have been delighted with the changes in my room and my associates have reported the same thing in the 2nd room, which they have very much enjoyed working in. In fact, I have had to turn down requests from other practitioners to work in association with me in my rooms! “I am very grateful to Suzanne and will certainly consult her before implementing any changes to my rooms. I would also warmly recommend her to anyone contemplating changing their environment in any way.”

Dr. Brian K MBBCh MFHom

“The Room Has a Profoundly Peaceful and Balanced Feeling

“I want to thank you for your invaluable feng shui advice over the last 3 years. After carrying out your instructions in the first report, I immediately had sufficient associates to rent space and this has continued from the past up to the present time. I have not had to struggle to pay clinic overheads since then and people phone regularly to enquire about rooms. “Despite a large increase in rent during 2001 rent review, the clinic is more than paying its way - it’s miles ahead of the game! After following your advice in the 2nd report, the room had a profoundly peaceful and balanced feeling. Again, the results were almost miraculous! Within 2 weeks I had the most successful PR of my career and my practice is now full of patients every day of the week. I cannot thank you enough.”

Maura B

“Have Developed Strong Friendships”

“I will be leaving the UK this Friday and I wanted to write to you about the nearly 6 months of feng shui I’ve had, which brings results. I have had wonderful changes to my life. Since the cures, I got the job in Casablanca, which is a very good job opportunity, and will allow me to have a comfortable, better life. “My social life has had an impressive boost. The past 2 to 3 months have been very intense. I have never had such a dynamic and enriched social life, never in the 6 years I have been living in the UK! It is really incredible. I was feeling very lonely before - I used to spend my weekends sleeping at home and was unable to meet people. I have had with the feng shui a wonderful boost and have developed strong friendships.”

O.M. London

Contact me, when you would like to learn about creating positive energy through feng shui for businesses.

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