Depending on the direction of your move, whether home or office, it is possible to predict the degree of ease or difficulty you will experience. The only exception is for people who do 15-30 minutes spiritual practice a day.  This means meditating, prayer, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung or spending time alone in nature, if you are an agnostic or aetheist.  As a re-location specialist using feng shui, I have seen the

effects of moving in both positive and negative directions. 


Using 9 Star Ki Astrology, you can find out whether your move is “with the energy” of the year, and therefore likely to be easy - OR “against the energy” in which case, you can expect it to be challenging. Please contact me, or check out my book "Moving the Feng Shui Way" which will give you all the relevant information up to 2030.


In 2023, moves directly NORTH, NORTH WEST and SOUTH EAST are moves "against the energy" of the year. Ideally, you would avoid moves in these directions if possible.  However, often life does not give us a choice.  If you do have to do a move in any of these 3 directions this year,  please contact me for further information.


Just being aware of this gives you the ability to plan in advance. Of course, it is always preferable to move “with” the energy.   If you work in the military, for the government or a multi-national corporation though, your occupation requires you to go where you are needed.  Knowing you may be faced with a move “against the energy" means that you can build in some security for yourself by ensuring that your expenses and moving costs to return to your own country will be covered, should the job not work out for any reason.


Doing the feng shui in your new place is one of the counter-measures.  However, in this situation, it is a remedy and I always advise my clients to look for stability after such a move, rather than financial increase. You may choose to delay your move, if you have control over it, so that it falls at a time when it will be “with the energy”.


Often I hear clients say, “I’ll wait to do the feng shui in my new place.”  As feng shui works wherever you are currently living, it makes sense to do at least the basics so that the move to your new home is easier.  I would suggest as a minimum, doing the “Changes for The Year” and de-cluttering, especially in the loft if you have one, and also in the North West which directly relates to “Helpful People” (essential for an easy move!) and “Flow”.


All of the following can be helpful if you are planning to move:


Good Directions for Home/Office Moves £85

For those of you who may be short of time to read “Moving the Feng Shui Way”, you can get advice about good directions for your home or office move is over the phone or via e-mail.


Virtual Consultations


Internet/Facetime/Skype Consultation from £297

This is a comprehensive consultation at a distance using Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp.  You will

need to supply a floor plan roughly to scale, as well as an acurate compass reading taken standing at your front door looking out.


Also required are the birthdays of everyone who lives in your home, and the date the building was completed (if known).


Included with the consultation is a written report in both hard copy and electronic formats, a copy of "Feng Shui For You" as a handy


reference guide,  1 year's telephone follow-up, and dowsing for geopathic stress and vortex energies.  



"Settle Into My New Home"

This is a 12 week programme consisting of  12 x 1 hour feng shui advice sessions every week over Zoom and/or Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp. It is particularly designed to encourage you  to make the most important feng shui adjustments first.  The other major advantage is that by getting the information in bite-size chunks, you avoid going into any more overwhelm - one of the most common experiences for anyone who has just moved!

Included is a copy of "Feng Shui for You" and dowsing for geopathic stress and vortex energies.


On Site Consultation from £495

This is for a home consisting of up to 3 bedrooms anywhere in Bristol, Bridgwater and the West Country. Included is a written report in both electronic and hard copy formats, dowsing for geopathic stress and vortex energies, and 1 year's telephone follow-up.

Travel charges apply for distances of over 150 miles from Bristol.



Call +44(0)7976 751 578 to make a booking.

Payment is by bank transfer or Paypal.


For more information on Feng Shui for Moving House, please contact me on +44 (0)7976 751 578.


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