These books give you an insight into how you can use the energies of your own space, either home or office, to create a life that flourishes.  


Using these energies correctly is vital in cultivating a life that prospers.


Feng Shui For You


If you want to improve your luck in general, or in one specific area, and perhaps you've already tried traditional methods, why not consider Feng Shui?


 Feng Shui is based on universal principles, and this practical guide shows you how to apply thesse principles to attract positive circumstances into your life.



Written for Westerners, the book's easy-to-follow recommendations help you make important adjustments to your home and office, with minimal effort, for


real life results.



Born in the Southern Hemisphere?  Whether you are male or female, your Kua number can be calculated taking into account the seasons in the


Southern Hemisphere, which are the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere.  You'll find this detailed in Chapter 10.



This book will help you:

Feng Shui For You - ancient wisdom for modern living

  • Learn about the Symbolism of Your Existing Possessions and How You Can Use Them to Best Effect

  • Find Your personal “Good Directions” and tap into good luck even when you are asleep

  • Discover the Most Easy and Important Change You Need to Make for Results now

  • Take Your Compass Readings in the Right Place So That Your Feng Shui Is Effective

  • Save Time and Money by Discovering and Targeting Your Own Priority Areas First, Whether These Are Career, Health, Cash Flow, Finances, or Relationships

Signed copies of “Feng Shui For You” are available direct from the author for £10 which includes postage and packing in the UK 


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Moving The Feng Shui Way

Whether you are moving for your work or career and the choice of location is out of your hands, or you are moving in with your new partner, or you are deciding where to re-locate for a better life, this book can give you powerful insights into what to expect.

If you are moving “with the energy" of the year, it is likely to be easy and straightforward. If you are moving against the energy, you can expect a challenge. The information is based on 9 Star Ki Astrology. Whatever your plan, this book is written to help you make your next move as easy as possible, and to be well-prepared for life in your new situation.

This booking can help you to:

Moving The Feng Shui Way

  • Discover Whether Your Move Is with the Energy or against the Energy of the Year

  • How Best to Prepare for a Smooth Transition to Your New Place in Either of These Circumstances

  • Use Good Timing to Your Advantage

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