New Audio Book Feng Shui For You - Sample Now  

New Audio Book Feng Shui For You - Sample Now  


Feng shui is helpful, not only for finding love, even more importantly for keeping its flame alive. We can only process 7 plus 2 chunks of information at once. Everything else is monitored by our unconscious minds.


This is why what is around us every day makes a difference to how we react and how we attract. It is the unconscious mind in each of us that controls our heart rate, breathing and most of our bodily functions. It is running 90% of us, whilst the conscious mind controls the other 10%. Tapping into your unconscious mind connects you to your own Personal Powerhouse. Here are some feng shui tips to help you do just that:

For All the Single Ladies and Gentlemen

1) So That You Attract Single Available People 


Remove all mirrors from your bedroom. You can cover a mirror provided it is not in the Shar Chi area for this year or have it inside a cupboard.  Keep the cupboard door shut! NB TV screens frequently act as mirrors.  Cover the screen, again provided it is not in the East.  The Shar Chi area this year is in the centre of your home.

2 )  If You Have a Love Rival


Remove objects that are in groupings of 3, or remove one of the trio so that you have a pair.

3 ) Program Your Unconscious Mind for a Relationship 


Remove all paintings and pictures of single people - e.g. a lonely figure walking along a beach Hang artwork of couples. If you want to start a family, ensure that the art you use shows 2 parents and a baby or child, or babies and children. AVOID picture of just a mother and child.  If you are seeking a same sex relationship, make sure the artwork is of 2 women or 2 men - whichever relates to you.  Wherever possible, group objects in pairs.

4 ) If You Never Get Beyond The 1st Date


Do the “Changes For the Year” .   Please see the home page for this information.

5) Look After the Relationship Areas in Your Home


Stand in the centre of your home with a compass. Find the South West.  Make sure this area of your home is clean, clear and uncluttered. If you know your Kua Number, check the compass sector for relationships (sometimes called Yen Nien) as well.  Stand in the centre of your home with your front door behind you. The area in the far right-hand corner is to do with relationships. Make sure it is clean clear and uncluttered.  All of these areas are great for couple artwork and crystals, i.e. semiprecious stones - especially rose quartz. Size matters here! Bigger is better.  However, if any of these areas fall in a bathroom or toilet, or the space is missing, please see my book “Feng Shui For You” and do the corrections mentioned there, i.e. bathroom corrections and corrections for missing space.

£297 Internet/Facetime/Skype Consultation

This is a comprehensive consultation at a distance over the internet, using Facetime, Skype, or WhatsApp. Your will need to supply a floor plan with compass directions that is roughly to scale. Also required are the birthdays of everyone who occupies the space, (for an office, this can be just the manager/s), as well as the approximate moving-in date and where the move was made from.


£495 On Site Consultation

This is for a home consisting of up to 3 bedrooms in Bristol, Bridgwater and the West Country. Included are dowsing for geopathic stress and vortex energies, A written report and 1 year's telephone follow-up.

Travel charges apply for distances of over 150 miles from Bristol.


Call +44(0)7976 751 578 to make a booking.

Payment is by bank transfer or Paypal.

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